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Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Rebecca Maureen Eyre is a artist and crafter.

"I work primarily with ceramic, fibre, metal and oil paint. My work is playful and childish, aiming to straddle the line between eerie and inviting. Using bright and pastel colours, contrasted with heavy black and brown. I often work in multiples. Producing many of the same or similar things. I use mould making techniques to create identicals. I strive for, and against perfection, resulting in pieces with distinct handmade qualities. 

My pursuit lies in achieving, yet also challenging, perfection. As a tactile person, I seek to enhance the sensory experience for my audience. Influenced by my own childhood, I find myself drawn to the nostalgic and occasionally unsettling. In other works, I am inspired by the urban environment I live in, I contrast it with the fairy tales I grew up with. I feel adrift, a leaf carried by the wind until it settles upon the path. This is evident in my practice, as I find myself exploring a diverse array of subjects and themes. To name a few, death, life, the usual suspects. As well as historical fashion, symbolism in ancient mythology, architecture of the home, complex familial relationships and the concept of the future. 

I seek to have the viewer reflect within and provoke an emotional response. I create to express my feelings and passions; in ways words cannot." 

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